Movie fic taking place after Search of the Kuiper Belt Senshi, but before Summer Diaries/Special Edition and Dawn of Chaos.


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Battles FeaturedEdit


  • Chapter 1: Looming Threat! Catching Up With Old Friends!
  • Chapter 2: Loki the Nekomata Spy! Preparations Made!
  • Chapter 3: The Mystery of Tsukimaru: Saya's New Love? Locating the Seals!
  • Chapter 4: One Day Before All Hallow's Eve! Last-Minute Preparations Made!
  • Chapter 5: A Halloween Gathering at Kaibaland! The Demons Raid the Festivities!
  • Chapter 6: All Hell Breaks Lose! The First Two Taiyoukai Awaken!
  • Chapter 7: Thunder and Ice! Head Forth into the City!
  • Chapter 8: The Triple Threat Awakening! The Makai Warriors Storm In!
  • Chapter 9: The Final Taiyoukai, Kiryu! A Declaration to Remake the Living World!
  • Chapter 10: A Battle Front on All Sides! The Activation of the Staff of Apophis!
  • Chapter 11: A Whole New Power: Spirit Fusion! The Eight Taiyoukai Gather!
  • Chapter 12: The Impending Taiyoukai Era Approaches! Japan's Defenders Crushed?!
  • Chapter 13: Climax of The Taiyoukai War! Kurama's Fate Hangs in the Balance!
  • Chapter 14 (Final Chapter): Carrying Our Dreams Forward! A New Generation is Born...

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