Invasion of the Rajita

Season 2 of the franchise.


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Battles FeaturedEdit


  • Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Chapter! The Reintroduction of Earth's Heroes! 
  • Chapter 2: A Fun Day at the Cosplay Event! What are the Beast Cards?
  • Chapter 3: Mako-chan Protects Her New Love! The Awakening of the Beast Powers?
  • Chapter 4: The Calling of the Fire Bird, Suzaku Awakens! Save the Burning Hypnos! 
  • Chapter 5: The Emerging Water and Wind Beast, Seiryuu! Protect Those Who You Love!
  • Chapter 6: Byakko and Genbu Awaken! The Siege at Tokyo Bridge! 
  • Chapter 7: A Gamer's Worst Nightmare! The Tricks and Traps of the Game Master!
  • Chapter 8: The Sailor Senshi Reunion! The Battle of Dragon Decks! 
  • Chapter 9: Chameleo's Espionage Strike! The Terrifying Revelation of Aoshi Inuki!
  • Chapter 10: Countdown to the Rajita Invasion! The Awakening of the Three Dragon Knights! 
  • Chapter 11: The Zero Hour Has Arrived! Ghidorah Confronts the Moon Princess!
  • Chapter 12: Revelations of the Past Come to Light! Okami and Sailor Pluto Tell All! 
  • Chapter 13: The Valkyrie Senshi Rise Up! The Completion of the KC-Hypnos Project!
  • Chapter 14: The Valkyrie Senshi Strike! Ghidorah's Next Mission: Take the Digital World!
  • Chapter 15: The Rajita Movement into the Digital World! The Lights of Victory Revealed! 
  • Chapter 16: The Lights of Victory Granted! Day Two of the Rajita Invasion! 
  • Chapter 17: The Warrior of Hermos Captured by Kuiiza! Can Two Worlds Achieve Peace?
  • Chapter 18: Ghidorah's Darkness Blankets the Earth! The Rajita War Escalates!
  • Chapter 19: The Wrath of the Darkness Dragon Knight! Countdown to Leviathan's Awakening!
  • Chapter 20: The Awakening of Serenity's Ka! Enter the Mother Ship Compound!
  • Chapter 21: Revelations of Darkness and Light! Enter the Rajita Mother Ship!
  • Chapter 22: Kuiiza's Deadly Labyrinth! Prelude to Leviathan's Awakening!
  • Chapter 23: The Leviathan Re-Emerges from the Abyss! The Tide of the War Turns!
  • Chapter 24: The Confrontation with Ghidorah! Leviathan Scorches the Heavens!
  • Chapter 25: Ghidorah's Ultimate Power Unleashed! Awakening of the Black Phoenix...?
  • Chapter 26: The Fall of the Rajita Tyrant! The Ascension of the Black Phoenix!
  • Chapter 27: Battle on the Moon! The Fate of the Phoenix!
  • Chapter 28 (Final Chapter): Planet Earth Recuperates! What Lies Ahead Down the Road!